Why Choose Electromaax

Electromaax manufactures the most technologically advanced energy saving products in the marine industry. From alternators that produce up to 4 times the energy over the standard models, to smart regulators that allow owners and engineers to monitor and or alter charging performance and parameters - from half way around the world via a lap top. We always choose function, reliability and performance over cosmetic beauty, we design and build ALL our products with this key premise in mind.

More About Electromaax Marine Products

Your Choice For High Output Marine Alternators & High Performance Marine Engine Parts

When it comes to D.C. charging upgrades, Electromaax is the best Choice for High Quality, high output Marine Alternators, Smart Regulators, advanced technological batteries Life po 4 and Firefly plus the widest range of serpentine pulley conversion kits.

Upgrading your marine alternator to an Electromaax high-output Cruiser, or the super-high-output GenMaax model transforms your propulsion engine into a back up generator when combined with our new E-MAAX line of external smart regulators and is the best project you can undertake on your sailboat or yacht, to extend your cruising range, lower your fuel costs and reduce engine run-time! Extend your engines and battery life!

Watch how straightforward it is to install our serpentine pulley kit, our high output marine alternator, and our smart regulator with step by step instructions. See video.

Electromaax Canada

(Beamsville, Ontario, Canada) was established in September 2002. This location produces our serpentine pulley kits and many other components used in our manufacturing processes.

Electromaax USA

This is our facility which houses our manufacturing and our main warehouse and distribution center which services most of the world with our superior products.

Electromaax Installation

Watch a Marine Alternator & Regulator Installation by Electromaax


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