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Electromaax provides cruisers with state of the art marine solutions - marine engine upgrades, high performance alternators, advanced pulley kit systems, smart regulators, compact marine water makers and various other marine engine parts for your boat - view our extensive line of marine products below

More About Electromaax Marine Engine Parts

Your Choice For High Output Marine Alternators & High Performance Marine Engine Parts

Upgrading your marine alternator to an Electromaax high-output Cruiser, or the super-high-output GenMaax model, transforms your propulsion engine into a back up generator and is the best project you can undertake on your sailboat or yacht.

All of our marine alternators/generators are high performance and create sufficient electricity while you're away from the dock to give you the power to charge batteries and run electronics, lighting, windlass, AC appliances and your water maker.

Combine any of our Cruiser or GenMaax series marine alternator/generators with our amazing Emaax Pro exterior, smart, regulator and you can switch the output from 0 to 100% with the simple press of a button. The power is in your hands to determine the engine’s electrical output to suit the boat’s needs at any moment in time. 

Watch how straight forward it is to install our serpentine pulley kit, our high output marine alternator and our smart regulator with the step by step instructions here.

When it comes to alternator upgrades, Electromaax is the best Choice for High Quality Marine Alternators, Smart Regulators and Serpentine Conversion Kits:

* State of the art marine technology
* High output alternators give you more electricity while away from the dock
* High quality components in all our products
* Trouble free installation - 'plug and play' on Yanmars

Dollar for dollar, upgrading your alternator and converting your pulleys to serpentine (multi groove) may be the best project you can undertake on your cruising boat. Call 1-866-945-8801 or 1-905-945-8800 if outside North America to find out how! Extend your cruising range, lower your fuel costs! Reduce engine run time! Extend your engines life!

Electromaax Canada

(Beamsville, Ontario, Canada) was established in September 2002 and is an ISO9001 registered facility. This location produces our serpentine pulley kits and many other components used in our manufacturing processes.

Electromaax USA

This is our facility which houses our manufacturing and our main warehouse and distribution center which services most of the world with our superior products.

Electromaax Installation

Watch a Marine Alternator & Regulator Installation by Electromaax


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