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This is the Electromaax project section of our website where we showcase various ongoing projects and new innovations we’re currently working on.

Yanmar 3JH3 Charging System Upgrade

Attached is a photo of our installation of an Electromaax Yanmar 3JH3 serpentine pulley upgrade kit and an Electrommax Sm-12-180a with a Balmar MC- 614 external regulator. The installation went very smoothly and the tech support was excellent on the couple of questions I had. The reason we are upgrading our charging system is because […]

Saber Tooth Alternator and Water Maker Installation

The following project by J&N about their marine water maker installation as they prepared to travel South for the winter aboard their Sabre 42. Following the project details you’ll see pictures of their progress. We have been slowly adding to the cruising capacity of Saber Tooth with canvas, electrical and mechanical system upgrades. As with […]

Pulley Kit Installation on a 1998 Yanmar 4LH-STE

Here are the photos I took during the installation. The motor is a 1998 Yanmar 4LH-STE, the same as the 4LH-DTE but higher horsepower. This was ‘way too easy. The install took less than 3 hours, including access to the front of the motor and getting back out. The guy in your video has it […]

Upgrading To A High Output Alternator

I knew I needed to add a high output alternator to recharge the batteries efficiently & there were a few choices available. Our boat has two 4D AGM’S on the house bank & an AGM start battery. I don’t want to name other brands but just focus on the choice I made. I was surfing […]

Installing Electromaax 180AMP Alternator On A Yanmar 4JH4E Engine

Here are some of the photos I took when installing the new Electromaax 180a alternator onto my Yanmar 4JH4E engine. A process that I’d describe as easy peasy, plus it works like a champ. – Michael Stouffer Michael’s Step by Step Installation Photos Electromaax 180a with regulator Pulleys, belts and intstructions Remove old alternator Remove […]

Installing an Electromaax Alternator in a Beneteau 50 with a Yanmar 4JH3-THE

We have a Beneteau 50 that has a Yanmar 4JH3-HTE 100 horsepower engine with an 80 amp Hitachi alternator. This is the configuration that came with the boat and we wanted to increase the charging capacity of the electrical system. In conversation with John Stevens from Electromaax, I chose a 140amp alternator and the serpentine […]

Detailed Yanmar Pulley Kit Installation Project

I discovered during my installation of the Electromaax 160AMP alternator project on my Yanmar engine, that my greatest challenge to completing this task was not the actual task but establishing how and what new wires I would need to complete the installation. Background The alternator is connected via a 1/0 cable to the house battery […]

Adding the Pulley System for the Serpentine Belt and Soft Start Regulator

Since Hunter changed from Balmar to using your products we have seen a great decrease in issues with the high output alternators. The biggest improvement that I see is the pulley system that you have developed. Our technicians appreciate the ease and simplicity of the installation. The serpentine belt and pulley system has eliminated the […]

Options for Upgrading to 160AMP Alternator with a Serpentine Belt Kit

I’m an engineer, as you can imagine I prepared several spreadsheets weighing the pros and cons of various alternators and the pulley systems that would work for our purposes. After talking with John from ElectroMaax at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2010, I decided to contact them to discuss my options for upgrading to their […]

Yanmar 3GM30F New Alternator Install

This is a run down of an install of an Electromaax 140 amp alternator, with their 1 inch belt kit and Sterling external regulator. I bought it from them as one of their cruisers packages, and so saved a few dollars on the individual component purchase price. The new pulleys went on quite easy; the […]

Alternator and Charge Controller Installation

Recommending the Electromaax 165 Amp Hairpin Alternator, EMaax Pro Controller, and Serpentine Belt Kit on my Islander Freeport 36, Subira. I have a Volvo MD2040 engine and a 470 AMP/hour battery bank consisting of four 135AH six-volt golf cart batteries and two 100 AH batteries for engine starting. I purchased an Electromaax 165 Amp alternator, […]

Wind Turbine Installation

Michael Stouffer shared the following pictures with us documenting his wind turbine installation project. Here are a few shots of the installation of my wind turbine: Pictures of Project It sure is a handsome unit, I’ll say that for sure. For now though, it sits patiently atop it’s pole waiting for some wind so that […]

Choosing a Watermaker By John Dyer Of The Exocet Yacht Charters LLP

I have recently been looking for a water maker, I knew roughly what I wanted. Simple, not too much to go wrong, i.e. no electronics, 240V to ensure there is enough power to drive it. I’ve been fed up with 12V ones that rely on a minimum power drop from the batteries to the lift […]

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