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Our marine engine parts are built to exacting tolerances and specifications. With harsh environments comes the demand for robust designs, and marine components that provide an optimum level of performance. Electromaax provides that performance and allows you to replace your gas generator with our E-MAAX PRO, and any of our GenMaax or Cruiser marine alternators.

Read why upgrading with our marine engine products lets you have your alternator under way, and a generator on the hook.

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E-MAAX External Smart Regulators

E-MAAX Smart Charge Controller, Regulator & Battery Monitoring System

Our E-MAAX PRO, a smart, exterior, regulator protects your batteries from incorrect voltage, which substantially extends their life. At the press of a button, from the helm or navigation station, you determine the alternators output from 0 to 100%. The E-MAAX easily allows for the selection of charging profiles suiting your current or future battery types; or amperage to suit any situation.

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High Output Marine Alternators

High Output Marine Alternators

Electromaax designs and builds the most technologically advanced high output marine alternators that meet or exceed U.S.C.G. Title 33, ISO, SAE and CE Standards. We use the highest quality components in all of our products.

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  • GenMaax Super-High-Output Marine Alternator/Generators Today’s batteries, like AGM, Gel and Lithium require a specific voltage when charging. Our GenMaax line, when combined with our MAAX PRO, gives you an alternator underway and a back up generator on the hook, by simply upgrading your existing system.
  • Cruiser High-Output Marine Alternators Increase your cruising range, save fuel, and reduce your engine run time. With the Cruiser high-output marine alternator you enhance your “on the water’ experience with proven and reliable performance.
Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kits

Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kits

No more belt dust, plus you can experience the benefits of any high output marine alternator. Any of our serpentine pulley upgrade kits simply bolt on in minutes. Serpentine pulley upgrade kits are a permanent solution to belt dust buildup on your boat engine. Pulley Upgrade Kits For Westerbeke, Yanmar, Perkins, Volvo, Universal and more!

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Marine Batteries

Marine Batteries

The marine industry is rapidly moving away from traditional lead acid batteries with better performing Carbon Foam, or Lead Carbon, and Lithium battery options available from various manufacturers. Discover the key benefits of the Electromaax marine battery product offering and why our batteries perform better than most of the competition.

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Marine Engine Belt Tensioners

Marine Engine Belt Tensioners

Electromaax marine belt tensioners enhance the performance of our line of marine alternators. Currently our tensioners are manufactured specifically for Yanmar and Nanni marine engines allow you to achieve the perfect level of tension.

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Marine R/O Watermakers

Marine R/O Watermakers

View our superb line of new generation marine watermakers – they’re smart, modular and ready to be installed on your boat or yacht in very little time. You can choose from our extensive line of AC and DC powered systems.

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Marine Engine and Parts Accessories

Marine Engine & Parts Accessories

Electromaax has an extensive line of top quality boat accessories and replacement parts for it’s line of serpentine pulleys, high performance marine alternators, and marine water makers.

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