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by Mike McNamara on Electromaax
Reliable & Impressive

I bought the Airmaax wind generator about five years ago. It has been a fabulous unit. It is reliable and the output is impressive. Absolutely no repairs. Excellent service; all my questions have been immediately answered through e-mail. I realize you can buy less expensive units that spin easily and frequently, but the energy produced is MUCH lower (you get what you pay for).

by Richard Clough on Electromaax
ElectroMAAX Support - I Have Been Extremely Pleased With Electromaax

I have been a cruiser on a 2001 Hunter 380 since retirement over 5 years ago. I wanted to be able to anchor out extensively and be totally energy independent. In pursuit of that goal, I purchased an Electromaax 160 amp Alternator for my Yanmar and AirMaax wind generator to supplement my solar power panels. I have been extremely pleased and impressed with Electromaax products and technical support over the years. They have consistently gone over and above the norm in support of their products. I could not be more pleased with the performance of Electromaax products and support they have provided. I am a very loyal Electromaax customer and highly recommend their products to the cruising community.

by Lewis Peach on Electromaax
This Kind Of Exceptional Service Is Extremely Rare These Days

Dear Electromaxx:

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing support and exceptional product, and service, that you provided in developing an upgraded high-power, alternator system for my vintage Bristol 40 Yawl, Chesapeake.

Although I had already completed a comprehensive restoration of every system on the boat, the power system was hopelessly underrated for the many new electronic systems, and utilities, that I had installed, and given that I had chosen to retain and rebuild the Westerbeke 4-107 diesel engine, there were precious few alternatives to address this concern.

Fortunately, I spoke with John Stevens of your Company, and he quickly came up with an optimal system to meet these requirements and fabricated a custom installation kit with special pulleys and a serpentine belt to drive it. He also test ran the system before he shipped it to me, so the installation was flawless and worked perfectly right out of the box!

I could not be more pleased with the system. It more than meets my power needs and keeps my high capacity AGN ships batteries fully charged, with much less engine run-time.

This kind of exceptional service is extremely rare these days, in any field, much less in the recreational boating market, so I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding support in assisting me with this final upgrade project in my precious little yawl, Chesapeake.


Lewis Peach

by Patrick Fox on Electromaax
Thank You Rob, John, and Your Staff for Your Time And Assistance

The Electromaax technical support team, and John Stevens spent many hours studying data, exchanging emails, and sending new components, as well as ultimately bench testing my complete system in an attempt to determine why my installation was not operating properly.

Thank you Rob, John, and your staff for your time and assistance troubleshooting my alternator and charging system, I highly recommend the Electromaax system to anyone wanting a new alternator, charge controller, and serpentine belt kit.

by Lance Knox on Electromaax
The Team at Electromaax Was Very Helpful

We have a Lagoon 440 catamaran on which we spend 6 months of the year as live-aboards cruising the Mediterranean. For both financial as well as ascetic reasons, we prefer to spend as much time as possible on the hook rather than smelly and expensive marinas. Being set up for living aboard, yet still craving all the creature comforts of home results in rather large power usage.

After 5 years of cruising, we found that our 6x140 amp/hr gel batteries were already less than 50% of their new capacity and needed to be replaced. Main reason of course was that our batteries were seldom getting a full recharge. Even on days where we did a lot of motoring the 2 factory standard 80 amp (in theory) alternators supplied with the boat were barely enough to keep up with the power consumption of 3 fridges, navigation instruments and a water maker while under way. Due to the high cost of replacing all our house batteries, we really needed to find a way to increase the charging amperage of the boat. After a few months of research on the internet during the off season, we decided on the Electromaax 215 amp Genmax alternators in combination with the Voyager charge regulator and the serpentine pulley conversion kits.

The equipment arrived in the Italian marina in February after a bit of hassle from Italian customs (6 paragraphs on this to explain but the team at Electromaax was very helpful ). I arrived in a Italy in April to complete the installation myself. The serpentine conversion kit installation was surprisingly straight forward and both engines were done in about 1 1/2 hours. The alternators bolted right on easy enough however the wiring setup was a little complicated due to the fact that the original system included two battery isolators used to direct the charge from each alternator to either the house or starter batteries as required. Installation manual did not cover this setup however Rob at Electromaax was great at helping to figure this out between email and phone (12 hour time difference did not make his job any easier) and within a day had this all sorted out with both alternators up and running.

This past season we have had absolutely no trouble keeping the batteries topped up. In fact usually within 2 or 3 hours the regulators have switched into float mode even after a few days of anchoring in a bay. System has been trouble free so far and would not hesitate to recommend Electromaax to anyone.

by Dave on Electromaax
5 yrs on

Five years on and 8000 Nautical Miles from installation of 120 amp alternators and serpentine pulley kits on our Lagoon 380 catamaran with Yanmar 3YM30 engines we are still generating excellent power and keeping our 840 amp battery bank well charged. Our installation had a couple of glitches (regulators) which we sorted out with the help of Rob at Emaax and since 2013 we have travelled from Canada to Bahamas and back and from Canada to Grenada, cruised the Carribean and returned all the time keeping fridge, freezer and electronics powered. We also installed a 20 gph watermaker from Emaax that has serviced fresh water for all our needs aboard our adventures. Emaax has responded well and quickly to our questions and still continue to do so.

by Russ Whitford on Electromaax
Power and Water, Electromaax is a great source for these essentials

Lisa and I have been cruising on Tumultuous Uproar for 2 1⁄2 years. A year prior to cruising I decided to redesign the electrical system on Uproar. I'm an engineer but learned a lot in Nigel Calder's 3 hour seminar on 12 volts. I followed his advice and am very pleased with the results. Our system started with two TPPL AGM batteries from Odyssey, 214 amp hours each for a total of 428 amp hours. These batteries have low internal resistance and can take (and love) a high amperage charge. The Electromaax 180 amp alternator with serpentine belt system gives these batteries a real kick with no fuss.

Keep in mind that amp ratings may not tell the whole story. At what RPM do you get these amps? The Electromaax alternator gives 100 amps with as little as 1,100 RPM on our boat. This belt system is essential for high output alternators as at times the alternator is pulling over 2 hp! We returned the alternator to Electromaax as we thought there was a squealing bearing. It wasn't the alternator - we just had to keep the belt tighter. Everything works great!

The charge controller we bought from Electromaax was the 614 model. It worked fine until a few months ago. We have lost elements in the LED display and can no longer program it or monitor what it thinks it is doing. It is not giving quite the high voltage charge we used to get. I will replace it with the Emaax Pro which is the current product offered. We have a Victron BVM 702 battery monitor which we love but the Emaax Pro incorporates all of these monitoring functions and more.

Along with using our main engine for battery charging, we installed an Aquamaax engine driven watermaker. If you decide to go this route, understand you will have to do some engineering or fabrication for a bracket for the pump. But, once installed, this is a very simple, powerful and reliable watermaker. If you need to run your engine to charge batteries, you are making lots of water, free!

We have 400 watts of solar and this keeps batteries topped up on sunny days. Sometimes we run the engine to only make water. I caution anyone using the TTPL batteries to work with the manufacturer to set up your voltage regulator. These batteries like a lot of charge at a high rate. We were not giving them that initially and after the first year, we had sulfated the plates, losing some capacity. They still have enough for our needs. The 180 amp alternator we have is perfect for use with these high tech batteries.

Having good electricity and water are quality of life essentials living aboard a sailboat. Our Electromaax products have been reliable and ample for our needs. With the exception of the voltage regulator (superseded by the new model) we have not had problems.

Russ Whitford

S/V Tumultuous Uproar


by Bob MacConnell on Electromaax
I Highly Endorse These Units Based On My Experience

I purchased an Electromaax 30 GPH 110 volt watermaker. I wanted that one for the simple reason it could be operated on a Honda 2000 generator if my boat generator failed. I cruise in remote areas of the Bahamas and am dependent on my watermaker. There is little support to have things fixed if you have issues. (unless you have deep pockets). The Electromaax watermaker was relatively easy to install by myself with excellent phone support from Darren. It was installed in Florida.

In the past I have used other makes of watermakers, and inevitably by the end of the season something would break. Other makes of watermakers are reliant on motherboards and sensors that always seem to quit working, and have to be sorted out or bypassed to get by. I cruise with many other people that experience the same issues. But it seems Electromaax watermakers are very simple. It is a manual operation with no sensors and motherboards to fail and the parts are not proprietary. My motto on the boat is - KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. This unit fits the bill perfectly. This is also reflected in the price. Less than half of the cost from other manufacturers.

After one season the unit performed great. You can manually operate it, which is fine with me. I ran mine at about 800 pounds of pressure (50 less than the recommended max). I generate 32-33 gallons per hour most of the time. A couple times only 29 gallons but that was rare. The PPM were between 196 and 217. Pickling for storage was a breeze.

I highly endorse these units based on my experience so far. I have nothing to do with the company as a representative, just a satisfied customer. If you have any questions about my experience you can reach me at 905-516-3959.

by Mark Lenci on Electromaax
Electromaax was the only vendor I found that provided a “complete” solution

In my opinion, Electromaax provides a unique product. Last year I spent a great deal of time looking into how to upgrade the alternator on my Yanmar engine. Electromaax was the only vendor I found that provided a “complete” solution. All other vendors only supplied some of the parts needed. Most other vendors left figuring out mounting, procuring pulleys & belts, alignment, etc. to the buyer. I really was able to install Electromaax’s alternator and pulleys in only 45 minutes. In addition, Electromaax’s technical support was excellent in helping me get a custom configuration of the alternator so I could use an external regulator.

by Chris on Electromaax
The 4JH3 serpentine kit was easy to install,The alternator is doing a great job

Hi John
Good to talk to you the other day. As i said on the phone, thank you for delivering such a great product. The serpentine belt kit was easy to install, and the engine runs smoother and quieter now than it ever has. The alternator is doing a great job. I was burning up alternators and shredding V belts with my old system. The ElectroMaax system is running within temperature spec? and it worked perfectly straight away.

Best regards Chris

by Ken Bartline on Electromaax
80Amp Alternator & Pulley Kit

Just installed the 80 amp Electromaax on my Westerbeke 44A four, replacing the dual pulley with serpentine system. It works so well! Thanks!

by Celine Shank on Electromaax
AirMaax On The Endeavour

Just installed their AirMaax on our Endeavour Sailing Catamaran. Also have their high output alternator. Great company, great products, great people and FANTASTIC after sales service.

by Curtis Morris on Electromaax


Mr. John Stevens,

In a word all I can say is bravo!

Your electromaax Serpentine Belt and Belt Tensioner which I ordered for my my 40hp Yanmar engine with high output alternator (Electromaax 120 amp) installed in an hour thanks to your U Tube videos and enclosed instructions. I really appreciate the fact that when I had a couple of questions you and your staff were a phone call away. The system works as advertised. Finally, no v-belt rubber dust in the engine compartment. My large house bank charges sooner, and the entire alternator/ serpentine belt system runs smoothly and more quietly then the old set up. Boat manufacturers ought to make the system standard on any new sailboat ordered with a high output alternator. My wife and I have confidence we won’t be experiencing an emergency engine shutdown caused by premature belt wear and failure. Keep the great products coming from Electromaax.

All the best,

Curtis Morris

S/v Legacy

On The Chesapeake Bay

by Mark on Electromaax
4JH3-HTE Pulley Kit & 160Amp Alternator

Hello Darren (or Rob)!

I wanted to tell you again how pleased I am with the serpentine belt kit and 160 A alternator from ElectroMaax. Even more importantly, your technical support is superb which enabled me to get the custom configuration I needed for the alternator and all the help I needed to successfully do the design of the electrical control circuit. I have strongly recommended ElectroMaax to our home marina’s service team (Brewer’s Marinas) for anyone that wants to upgrade the alternator on a Yanmar.

Thank you,


by Mike on Electromaax
October Moon 2008 Beneteau 43

Hi John, it was good to see you at the Annapolis Show. As I mentioned I'm quite pleased with the ElectroMaax 140 amp alternator, Balmar regulator and serpentine drive belt. We traveled south to the Abacos last winter and relied on the alternator to keep our 450A house bank well charged. The house bank consists of 4 Trojan T106 6V batteries which I monitor via a Victron BMV 600. We typically use around 125AHrs per day Depending on the depth of discharge (never below 65%) it would take 1 to 1-1/2 hrs per day to bring the bank up to the 85% range. At a discharge of 65-70% the alternator would output apx 90A. Of course the rate would taper with the percent of charge. While I didn't track charge rates, on days we would motor the batteries were recharged fairly quickly. All in all I'm very pleased with the setup. It was a straightforward installation that resulted in great performance. I've recently added a 250W solar panel that I expect will work well in conjunction with the alternator. Between the two the batteries should remain well charged! Thanks again for a great product and after the sale support!

Mike S/V October Moon 2008 Beneteau 43

by Rory Harley on Electromaax
120 Amp Alternator on a 31 year old Yanmar 3HMF Testament


Installing an Electromaax 120 Amp Alternator on a 31 year old Yanmar 3 HMF. I have had the your 120 Amp Alternator and External Controller installed and working for a year now and the unit has performed exactly as advertised.

After I purchased my Tanzer 10.5, I noticed the alternator belts were hard to keep tight, wore prematurely, and spewed excessive black dust in the engine compartment.

I discovered the previous owner had upgraded the original 35 Amp unit to a 65 Amp alternator. I also found that the second Hitachi alternator’s pivot bolt-holes were too large for my the 9mm pivot bolt hole drilled through the block. I thought this to be a simple fix; I’ll just make up some bushings to properly align the alternator. However, I then discovered this unit did not have the hinge pin holes drilled in the correct position which was the lead cause of misalignment and the high wear on the ½” belt. With a lot a trial and error and partially filling in the alternator bolt holes with JB Weld Epoxy in a crescent
shapes, I reduced but never eliminated the alignment/belt wear problem.

The years of over-tightening the alternator/ fresh water re-circulation pump belt to keep it from slipping likely caused a failure on the recirc pump shortly after I purchased the boat. Enough was enough, I was so frustrated I contemplated getting a new engine; but the old 7500-hour Yanmar, is faithful, starts instantly and burns minimal oil. I looked at some of the other marine alternator manufacturers to see if they could offer a solution for my three problems. EG: To correct i) the alternator misalignment, ii) excessive belt dust and, iii) reduce the side force on the recirc water pump.

I was fed up with ½” belts and doubted they could handle the load of even a properly aligned higher output alternator. Frankly, I was surprised that Electromaax even offered a kit for such old Yanmar. I choose Electromaax because it was the only manufacturer I could find that engineered a serpentine pulley system to their high output alternator.

Electromaax recommended and I purchased the 120 Amp alternator to my match my 200 Amp Hr battery bank. The mechanical installation was fairly straightforward. The alternator bracket needed a bend, and the old threaded holes on the flywheel had to have the old rust and paint cleaned out with a tap. The fit and finish of the alternator and pulleys was better than I expected.

Two issues were encountered in the installation that were addressed promptly by your service department. Electromaax supplied some custom made bushings to overcome the old problem of the 9mm pivot bolt. I also discovered that when the inrush load was placed on the alternator it strained and laboured the old engine at its idle speed. Electromaax couriered overnight a larger diameter alternator pulley, which was swapped with the originally supplied unit, which materially solved this issue.

The new alternator aligned and ran perfectly. What a relief and my problems were finally solved! The higher amperage output is just a side benefit to getting a proper alternator installation on my engine. My guess is this engine its at its half life, and I would not be surprised the Electromaax alternator will still be working when it finally packs it in.

by David Smith on Electromaax
Thanks Again For Your Help!


Thanks for taking the time at the Boat Show to ensure we had the correct kit for my Beta 25 installation. Just thought i would give you some feedback for future Beta 25 owners. The alternator fit perfectly with one modification to the upper adjustment bracket. The bracket is held by two bolts and we re-drilled the upper hole to allow the bracket to be positioned so that the adjusting bolt on the alternator could be positioned in the adjusting slot. We also went to a longer belt (NAPA Gates Micro-V 040372) 9/16” X 38”. We have not run the engine yet but expect that the alternator and regulator will perform as expected in the Spring (If this winter ever ends).

Thanks again for your help.

by Dan Parilla on Electromaax
Well, we took the next step forward and ordered the serpentine belt kit

Well, we took the next step forward and ordered the serpentine belt kit for the Universal M-25 from Electromaax. Wouldn't you know it...it did not directly fit our crankshaft pulley (ours is not tapped to bolt the new pulley on it). So after discussing options with Electromaax, I sent them my crank pulley so they could mold/mill a replacement pulley.

John at Electromaax said they will set up a mold to make additional ones as people need it, so if you are contemplating the upgrade, give them a call. Lastly, if you do go to remove the pulley, the retaining nut requires a 29MM axle socket. My dewalt rechargeable impact wrench made quick work of removing the nut without damaging the shaft, or my knuckles.

Part of the problem Electromaax faces with the M-25 series is that it changed two or three times over the years. I suspect the kit you have would fit an M-25 XPB but not an M-25 or M-25XP.... The M-25 XPB has three bolt holes in the crank pulley but the others don't.

I have been impressed with Electromaax. The water pump pulley and alternator (on a balmar 912) pulley fit perfectly.

We are now up and running. Only 3 minor issues throughout, and Electromaax worked hard to get things done. First, I needed to change the original crankshaft pulley for one that is tapped to receive their cover pulley. Secondly, the crankshaft on older m25s accepts a .875 bored hole. The pulley received was bored to .870, so a quick trip to the machine shop fixed that issue.

Then, we had to re-measure the belt. The stock alternator bracket will accept a 42 inch (420) belt, but the updated bracket (hangs the alternator with the tension arm below) takes a 40 inch (400) belt. So now that we have sent the specs to Electromaax should be ready and able to build a kit.

Question I was Asked while making my decision to go with a Serpentine belt kit Why not just change the V Belt. V belts are very limited in the amount of horsepower that they can transfer. If you are running a large alternator, say 90 amps, the belt will slip a lot. Plus any time a load is initially applied v belts momentarily slip.

Mainly due to the limited surface area through which they make contact with the pulleys (the sides of the v). This slip and grab generates a lot of black rubber dust. A flat, ribbed serpentine style belt significantly reduces slippage, reduces the rubber dust, lasts longer, does not need to be tensioned as tight as a v belt, and can drive large alternators without having to add a second belt drive. Plus getting a tapped crank pulley will also give one the option of adding additional gear such as engine driven refrigeration, a water maker or even a second alternator.

There are other reasons that serpentine belts make sense, just take a look at modern cars and even new boats and they have all gone to serpentine style systems. I am currently running a 90 amp alternator (and I can show you the black stripe of rubber detritus flung from the old belt), and may want to kick it up in the future as we spend more time away from the dock. To me it made sense to make the jump.

by Tim on Electromaax
I Wanted To Tell You That The AirMaax Wind Generator Works Exactly As Advertised!

Hi John,

I wanted to tell you that the AirMaax wind generator works exactly as advertised. It is powerful, it starts spinning at lower wind speed than any other unit I am aware of. It is also the quietest unit available.

This summer while chartering in the Keys we had four high wind systems come through while we were at anchor. The winds peaked at better than fifty knots and the wind generator spun like crazy but was not negatively affected in any way.

I am very happy with the unit and I have several charter captains at the Sea Base interested in purchasing one.

by Jamie Miller on Electromaax
Everything Just Ticking Along As It Should

Been busy, but wanted to thank you for the alternator. Installation was a breeze, you gave me a smaller pulley wheel but didn’t need it, thanks. When launched boat, had Janice start the engine so I could check out the fan belt and see if there was a problem, nothing. Everything just ticking along as it should.

Thanks again for a wonderful product. Hope to see you in the Bahamas!

by Barry Stedman on Electromaax
Fully Recharges Every Morning Within One Hour!


Great Alternator! Fully recharges every morning within one hour. I will send you photos and text about the install and wiring by email.

by Rick on Electromaax
John at Electromaax Works With You Through the Process to Ensure Their Product Performs to Your Expectations

I own a 1996 hunter 376 with a Yanmar 3JH2 three cylinder engine & am going cruising in the near future. When I started looking for additional input for my batteries I found Electromaax.com.

I wanted the most bang for my buck & after talking with John at Electromaax, I liked their product & ordered a 160 amp alternator & smart regulator for our boat.

The company had not installed a large capacity alternator on a three cylinder Yanmar yet so we had to put a kit together to work on my engine. The configuration had to be switched to a serpentine pulley system to handle the large load capacity of the new alternator, so we began work to install the proper pulleys to make the system work. After a very short time it all came together & now it is a simple bolt on process to install a large capacity alternator from Electromaax on a Yanmar three cylinder motor.

John at Electromaax works with you through the process to ensure their product performs to your expectations. I would tell anyone looking for more amps from your alternator to check out ELECTROMAAX.COM

Rick - San Francisco Ca.

by Alan on Electromaax
Great Service!

Hi John, Thanks for sorting the belts out, Great service, see you in the Bahamas.

by Mike Borum on Electromaax
The New Electromaax 160 AMP Alternators And Pulley Kits Have Been Wonderful!

I installed the two new alternators and serpentine belts kits easily while in Baltimore.

We’ve been cruising southward since October 21. The new Electromaax 160 amp alternators and pulley kits have been wonderful! We’ve probably cut our generator runtime by 75%. The batteries are consistently fully charged after a 6-8 hour run and we can do many things while on the move that formerly required the generator to be started, like running a single 16000 btu reverse cycle air unit. Unless we’ve been sitting on the hook for two days, I simply don’t have to run the generator just for battery charging.

So, consider me an appreciative owner and enthusiastic salesman.

If you have any question, feel free to,


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