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Here’s a testimonial from an Electromaax customer who is very happy with his new Alternator and Pulley kit.

I just finished installing an Electromaax 140 amp alternator, with their 1″ belt kit and Sterling external regulator. I bought it from them as one of their “cruisers package” so saved a few dollars on the individual component purchase price. The new pulleys went on quite easy, the crankshaft pulley fits right over the original. The fresh water pump pulley replaces the original, only 4 bolts. The alternator had the new pulley installed at the factory. The pulleys are nicely machined aluminum and black anodized.

Electromaax supplies everything except the wrenches.
I had to move my orange hot air exhaust pipe and coolant reservoir to allow room for the Sterling external regulator.

Electromaax had all the wires on the alternator and regulator labeled for easy hook up. They even have a Yanmar connector installed in the harness and include the temperature sensors for the alternator and battery.

I changed the alternator output wire to a #2 and ran it direct to the house bank (through a Bluesea 160 Amp fuse) and added a #2 ground wire from the alternator frame to the battery ground (after the shunt for the Victron battery monitor).

So far very pleased with the setup, next we need some solar panels from Electromaax !


Before and after shots below


Electromaax alternator


New installed alternator Electromaax

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