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Why Upgrade To Electromaax Marine Products

There are quite a few important reasons to upgrade your marine alternator to an Electromaax high-output Cruiser or super-high-output GenMaax model. The major reason is because by up-grading, you’ll transform your regular engine one that acts as a full stock back up generator at the same time.

Electromaax marine alternators generate sufficient electricity, charges your batteries and enables you to run electronics, lighting, windlass, AC appliances and a custom water maker.

Batteries like AGM, Gel and Lithium are charging, they require specific voltages, and since that is a feature no internal regulator can offer, we recommend you couple the GenMaax with the EMaax Smart, Exterior Regulator.

Watch the video below of a bench test of the GenMaax 215 Super High Output Marine Alternator:

Faster charging at the appropriate voltage

This means you use less fuel and increase the life of your batteries.

When it comes to upgrading you boat, Electromaax has you covered with Marine Alternators, Smart Regulators and Serpentine Conversion Kits.