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Testimonial – Chilled water cooled by the free energy of the wind!

Two full time sailors/explorers and their seafaring chocolate lab “Puddles” have been preparing to set out on the S/V KARMA IV out of Nova Scotia.

Before setting sail they installed our AirMaax marine wind generator and have written about their progress. In their blog they report that after a 24 hour test with a brisk, steady 15- 25 knot wind, the AirMaax wind generator was churning out the amps and supplied 75% of the power the refrigerator needed to run over the next 24 hours.

Since the winds tamed down over that 24 hour test they estimate that had it remained constant there would have been a surplus returned to the battery. After the 24 hour fridge test they discovered that the water bottles left in the freezer compartment had frozen solid, proving the cooling system works just fine with free air power courtesy of the AirMaax wind generator.

Karma 4 Windgen