Lithium Batteries

More power in a smaller, lighter battery that charges in a fraction of the time and lasts for 2,000 cycles.

Imagine three times the lifespan of your existing batteries with more available amp hours. Imagine that you can charge them in minutes. Now imagine that they are three times lighter and three times smaller. This is what Lithium Ion batteries offer, plus you can use 80% of their capacity without damaging them. Able to support high loads and recharge quickly, they are the choice for boaters who want to reduce time at the dock or time spend running the generator to recharge.

Mastervolt was the first to develop lithium ion power for marine applications. Their Ultra series is the next generation. An improved integrated management system builds added safety and more charging options into the Lithium Ion system. Through Mastervolts’s Battery Management System (BMS) rates of charge and discharge are controlled. Each cell within the battery is monitored individually and charged as needed. This eliminates overheating of already charged cells and balances the cells within the battery for added safety and longer life. As a result of the updated BMS, the Ultra series can be charged using programmable three-stage chargers without external controllers.

The Ultra Series batteries are compatible with MasterBus, and will communicate with other networked power system components. This means that they will relay information to Mastervolt chargers to manage your batteries in the safest and most efficient way. Additional system information can be accessed through a single display (sold separately).

Key Features

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