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Reduce or eliminate dependency on all energy-generating devices (wind, solar, gen set) with this product and a GenMaax Alternator/Generator

Do you want a 100 amp alternator/generator under way, a 200+ amp alternator/generator on the hook and in certain circumstances to turn the alternator/generator off entirely? With the E-Maax Smart, External Regualtor, now you can.

Electromaax has the ultimate solution for rapidly-charging, new-generation, technologically-advanced batteries (A.G.M., Lithium, Gel) while maintaining their factory condition. At the press of a button you to control your alternators output.

This new, crucially-important feature enables the alternator/generator to perform at different output levels to match available engine horsepower.

For instance, on the hook far more horsepower is available to make energy because the propeller is not engaged. All GenMaax alternator/generators provide sufficient load at idle to allow you to perform this task, where old technology, standard OEM alternators do not create enough load and previously, marine engine manufacturers advised that you never charge your batteries on the hook.

Product Description

Electromaax delivers a bold new solution for DC charging control with its E-MAAX series of smart, multi-stage voltage regulation systems. Unlike other marine voltage regulators, which require the user to crawl into the engine compartment to program and monitor, the E-MAAX system is modular, so the controller can live in the engine compartment or other out-of-the-way location, while all of the user-dependent features of the charge control system are accessible at the E-MAAX’s convenient digital remote panel.

Throw away your programming screwdriver

(Or, at least put it back in the toolbox.) The E-MAAX remote provides all of the access you need to ensure optimal charge control from the comfort of your helm or nav station. Using the simple five-button control, programming is as simple as choosing the preset battery program that best matches your vessel’s batteries.

Select between programs for standard flooded, deep-cycle flooded lead acid, gel, AGM, spiral-wound AGM or TPPL and Lithium batteries. User selectable battery programs automatically set target charging voltages, time-at-stage, field threshold, temperature compensation values and other battery-specific definitions that help ensure optimal charging.

Bright and intelligent display

With up to 32 digits available to provide operational data and programming information, the EMAAX jumps light years ahead of current voltage regulation technology. Messages are clear and in meaningful language. The LCD display can auto-adjust for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions, or you can choose one of eight brightness settings to meet your preference. Five well-marked buttons provide simple, intuitive navigation through the E-MAAX’s working and programming modes, and unlike scrolling displays typical of other products, you can move back and forth to find exactly the information you’re looking for.

Advanced system controls at your fingertips

All applications are different, and the E-MAAX offers a wealth of advanced programming functions that allow the user to tailor charging to meet every special need.

The E-MAAX offers the ability to be programmed for 12 or 24-volt systems, or to be used with positive or negative type field excitation.
In addition, all of the preset battery programs can be fully modified to meet unique charging conditions.

Simple to install

The modular E-MAAX system provides the unique ability to install both the remote panel and the charge controller module in locations where they are well protected from both heat and moisture.

System components are supplied with tinned multi-conductor cables for added convenience.

All circuitry in the remote panel, charge controller module and individual sensor  are bathed in a protective epoxy coating to ensure optimal protection.

Match alternator output to your needs

Too much of a good thing can be a challenge, too. That’s why the E-MAAX provides two ways to match charging output to the limitations of engine, belts and batteries. Within the programming mode of the E-MAAX, the Field Limiter function allows the user to de-rate the regulator in precise, 5 percent increments to lessen belt wear and load on the engine. If you’re looking to upgrade your battery banks or add serpentine pulleys later on, this feature allows you to add a higher output alternator now without overwhelming your current electrical system, reducing horsepower load at the alternator and sending more power to the prop.

We’ve got Sensors

One of the most important parts of a smart control system is the ability to see what’s going on throughout the system. The innovative E-MAAX system utilizes of series of sensors that can be chained around the electrical system to determine alternator temperature, battery temperature so you can monitor system health with just a visit to the remote panel. With sensors in place, the E-MAAX can increase or decrease charging output to match the conditions of the system or batteries – or shut things down completely in the event of a thermal event.

E-MAAX models for every application

Some folks may only need the basics of smart regulation, while others may want all of the features that a premium battery monitor and DC charge control suite can offer. That’s why Electromaax offers the E-MAAX in a variety of packages.

Simple, yet powerful

The E-MAAX Basic is the perfect “set it & forget it” charge controller, featuring a pre-set multistage charging profile that’s safe for most flooded and sealed lead acid battery technologies. Compatible with E-MAAX temperature sensor, the Basic regulator provides safe and reliable charge control, including temperature compensation when equipped with optional temperature sensors. The E-MAAX Basic is fully compatible with the Remote Panel, and can be upgraded to support additional programming functions. Maximum field output is 15 amps.

Full-featured charging for the cruiser

The E-MAAX Cruiser system combines the E-MAAX remote with a 15A-maximum field output CPU/control module that’s well suited to Electromaax’s Cruiser or Genmaax  Series alternators and other alternators featuring traditional “S” wound stators. Programming selections include N or P-type excitation for positive or negative field alternators,12 or 24-volt regulation, and preset programs for most popular marine battery technologies.

Advanced programming functions include adjustable start delay and soft ramp times, voltage adjustment in Absorption, Acceptance and Float stages, field threshold control and and an adjustable timer for all charging stages. The addition of optional alternator and battery temperature sensors enables the E-MAAX Cruiser to automatically compensate for changes in battery temperature by increasing or decreasing charging voltage, as well as an immediate response to battery over-temperature conditions.

With an alternator temperature sensor installed, the E-MAAX Cruiser can ensure safe alternator operating temperatures by automatically altering field output to reduce alternator heat, as well as providing advisory information as the remote panel if an over-temperature condition occurs.

Maximum performance for new-technology alternators and batteries

Designed to provide the maximum in user control and intelligent regulation, the E-MAAX Voyager Charge Controller delivers field current that’s required to support newer technology alternators like Electromaax’s high-output Voyager hairpin and brushless hairpin alternators.

Precise user programmability enables the installer to program the E-MAAX PRO to the specific charging requirements of a large variety of LiO battery types.

To find out more of the many other enhanced features unique to the Electromaax Emaax range of Exterior, Smart Regulators contact us further.

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