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Electromaax High Output Alternators

Electromaax designs and builds the most technologically advanced marine high output alternators that meet or exceed U.S.C.G. Title 33, ISO, SAE and CE Standards. We only use the highest quality components in all of our products.

Electromaax had designed two lines of high output marine alternators to meet the needs of cruisers of all types.

Electromaax recommends that all our alternators be controlled with our E-Maax external regulator to optimize charging system efficiency and performance which will protect your batteries from over, or incorrect charging.

Genmaax Line of Alternators

The Genmaax is designed for the serious and or blue-water cruiser. It’s a small to medium case with enhanced cooling. It is available in 215 and 250 Amp output.

Watch the video below to see show the Genmaax Alternator being tested:

Today’s batteries, like AGM, Gel and Lithium require a specific voltage when charging, and since that is a feature no internal regulator can offer, we recommend you couple the GenMaax with the EMaax Smart, Exterior Regulator.

The combination of these two technologically advanced products charges batteries much faster and increases the longevity of your battery bank.

The GenMaax alternator/generators not only produce continuous power output, sufficient to simultaneously charge batteries and power on board conveniences at low RPM and for a very long time without suffering any degrade, but do so while sustaining temperatures of 55C.

Faster charging at the appropriate voltage means you use less fuel and increase the life of your batteries.

12 volt GenMaxx alternator/regulators are available with your choice of internal or external regulators.
24 volt GenMaxx alternator/regulators are available with external regulators only.

Bench Test of the GenMaax Super-High-Output marine alternator with the E-MaaX smart External Regulator
We Provide Unmatched Installation Support

Upon purchase, your Marine Smart Dealer or Technician will contact you prior to shipment to discuss your application, ensuring you get the right parts and the easiest possible installation.

Cruiser Line of Alternators

The cruiser line is designed for the recreational cruiser; it is a small case – 100 to 160 Amp which is an ideal option for replacing your original manufactured alternator.

Watch the video below to see show the Cruiser Alternator being tested:

Dollar for dollar, upgrading your sailboat or yacht’s alternator will be the best energy enhancing project you can undertake on your vessel. Our high-output, marine alternators ensure more electricity is available when you’re away from the dock, which gives you more power for electronics, lighting, windlass, AC appliances, marine watermakers and refrigeration.
Which Electromaax High-Output, Cruiser Alternator Is Right For You?

The engine you have in the boat will determine the mounting style (foot-mount/saddle-mount).

The horse-power of your engine will determine the specific alternator output (amperage) required.

Combining your new alternator with an EMaax Pro, which by changing the field determines the alternators output means on a 20 HP you could install our Cruiser 140 amp and dial it in at 80 amp when the propeller is engaged and at 140 amp when on the hook or when under sail. The Cruiser 140 generates 78 amps (1000 watts) at 888 (engine) R.P.M., 105 amps (1470 watts) at 1330 R.P.M., and 2000 watts flat out. This means the alternator provides dual service. It is both an alternator and a back up generator – crucial on small boats with limited space.

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