Airmaax Marine Wind Generator Technology

Performance Testing The Airmaax Marine Wind Generator

The amount of clean energy that is produced by the Airmaax marine wind generator becomes very ideal to avid boaters who wish to become more environmentally friendly and save a lot of money while cruising in their boats or yachts. There are myriad benefits to converting wind into electrical power and the study and research of wind energy technology is making the installation of  wind generators on boats an efficient and easy-to-do process.

The following is new data with respect to testing the new Airmaax Marine wind generator. The Airmaax was tested and the results compiled by Victor Mazzuocco who is the Engineering and Operations Support specialist at The Automotive Centre of Excellence (A.C.E.) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. These tests were performed during the months of May and June of 2014.

Tests Of The New Airmaax Marine Wind Generator

The four graphs you can see below were created from the extrapolated test results performed at the A.C.E. and were carried out in their state of the art wind tunnel in their Oshawa Ontario Campus.

Wind Speed vs Battery & Load Power

Airmaax Wind Speed vs Battery and Load Power

Wind Speed vs Power Generation

Airmaax wind speed vs power generation

Wind Speed vs Battery & Load Power Comparison

Airmaax wind speed vs batter and load power comparison chart

Wind Speed vs Battery & Load Power Comparison

Airmaax wind speed vs power generation comparison chart
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