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Other series Yanmar enginesThere are other popular Yanmar marine engines kits that fit about 6 different models – call for details. These series of engines can now be equipped with an Electromaax Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kit that is very easy to install. Simply allow yourself approximately 1 hour of time to complete this simple installation.

When purchasing any Electromaax marine alternator the pulley can be installed for you at the factory. The new 10 groove serpentine (micro ‘V’) crank pulley simply slips over your current crankshaft pulley and is secured with the bolts supplied. The new serpentine water pump pulley simply replaces your original.

When replacing the original Hitachi alternator with your new Electromaax Marine alternator the installation has been eased by utilizing the factory Yanmar connections making this upgrade “plug and play”.

We manufacture Serpentine Pulley Kits for the following Yanmar of marine engines:

  • 4LHA Series – SKU: PK-4LHA
  • 3QM30-F Series – SKU: PK-3QM30-F
  • 3QM30 Series – SKU: PK-3QM30
  • 2QM20 Series – SKU: PK-2QM20
  • 2QM15 Series – SKU: PK-2QM15
  • 6LY Series – SKU: PK-6LY

Helpful Installation Tips

1. When loosening the 4 water pump bolts, leave the existing belt in place and THEN undo the bolts. This way you can use the belt to stop the W/P pulley spinning.

2. Check that the threads in the existing crankshaft pulley have not rusted. We find in most cases a little grease on our bolts clean the threads out if you carefully put them in half a turn and back. Alternatively you can use the correct thread chase (typically metric).

These popular Yanmar Marine engines, and all other engines operate much smoother, quieter and virtually eliminate belt dust with a serpentine upgrade kit.

An additional benefit of an Electromaax Serpentine kit is in it’s ability to drive auxiliary devices such as: Seafrost refrigeration, an engine driven water maker, a second alternator, a compressor – with the addition of a second crankshaft pulley. Contact us for further details

You can now safely operate the Electromaax SM-12-80, 100, 120 or 140 amp marine alternators that produce up to 70% of their output at fast idle. Our SM-12-160 amp unit will also work too.

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