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GM series Yanmar enginesThe Yanmar GM Series marine engine now has a specific Electromaax Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kit that is extremely easy to install.  Now you can eliminate belt dust and/or upgrade to an Electromaax high out put marine alternator or both.

This kit now includes a second alternator pulley customized to your SPECIFIC original  (Hitachi) alternator.  This now makes the old Hitachi a spare or if you want it can remain as the primary.

Also NOW included a custom belt tension arm that ensures the alternator never moves.

In addition it makes the installation a breeze.  The new 10 groove serpentine (micro ‘V’) crank pulley simply slips over your current crankshaft pulley and is secured with the bolts supplied.

We manufacture Serpentine Pulley Kits for the following Yanmar GM Series of marine engines:

  • 2GMF Series – SKU: PK-2GMF
  • 2GM Series – SKU: PK-2GM
  • 3GM30F Series – SKU: PK-3GM30F
  • 3GM30 Series – SKU: PK-3GM30
  • 3GMF Series – SKU: PK-3GMF
  • 3GM Series – SKU: PK-3GM
  • 2GM20-YUE Series – SKU: PK-2GM20-YUE
  • 2GM20F Series – SKU: 2GM20F
  • 2GM20F-YUE Series – SKU: PK-2GM20F
  • 2GM20 Series – SKU: PK-2GM20

When replacing the original Hitachi alternator with your new Electromaax Marine alternator the installation has been optimized to be easier by utilizing the factory Yanmar connections making this upgrade a simple “plug and play” Leaving the Hitachi as a bolt on replacement back up.

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