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Finally a simple solution for those cruisers with Yanmar engines that only need to solve their belt dust and belt tension issues. So, if you have any Yanmar engine with the Hitachi 55, 60 or 80 amp alternators, we now have a specific pulley for those three alternators.

GM series Yanmar enginesThe beauty of the system is that it includes the current serpentine pulleys for the water pump and crank as well as the Hitachi Pulley.

There is no need to remove the Hitachi or the fan on the front as the new custom Hitachi serpentine pulley can be installed retro fit, while the alternator is on the engine.

This also means no additional wiring is needed and it reduces installation time substantially. This means that if in the future you do decide to upgrade to an Electromaax, or any other high output alternator, you will only require one new pulley for the alternator itself.

We strongly advise adding the new belt tensioning arm (again, specific to your Yanmar engine) which keeps the belt at perfect tension, and prevents the alternator creeping back which hinders any chance of belt snapping or belt dust being created. See the Yanmar belt tensioner here.

Is there a difference between Electromaax and Other marine pulley conversion kits?

Yes. Check out our comparison chart here.

The big benefit for you when upgrading to an Electromaax kit with one of our high output alternators, is that you can purchase a separate pulley just for your existing Hitachi which will enable it to remain as a simple bolt-on-spare back up to the Electromaax one. This saves you time and money, and the head ache of trying to switch alternator pulleys while under way has been eliminated.

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