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Nanni Serpentine Pulley KitsOur marine Nanni Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kits are very easy to install. Allow approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes the first time you do this simple installation.

When you purchase any Electromaax high performance marine alternator, the pulley in this kit can be installed for you at the factory upon request.

The new serpentine (micro ā€˜Vā€™) crank pulley simply slips over your current crankshaft pulley and is secured with the bolts supplied. The new serpentine water pump pulley simply replaces your original.

We manufacture Serpentine Pulley Kits for the following Nanni marine engines:

  • PK-N-N.4.100 – SKU: PK-N-N.4.100
  • PK-N-N.4.85 – SKU: PK-N-N.4.85
  • PK-N-N.4.60 – SKU: PK-N-N.4.60
  • PK-N-N.4.50 – SKU: PK-N-N.4.50
  • PK-N-N.4.40 – SKU: PK-N-N.4.40
  • PK-N-N.4.38 – SKU: PK-N-N.4.38
  • PK-N-N.3.30 – SKU: PK-N-N.3.30

MSRP $599.00

When replacing the original O.E.M. alternator with your new Electromaax high output marine alternator, be sure to read the wiring instructions prior to installing the unit.

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