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Example Schenker Water MakerDiscover our line of Schenker DC water makers which are far more efficient than most engine driven models, and our AC driven systems which are perfect for running a generator on a regular basis.

The ideal marine water maker has to be compact, light, easy to install and produce the most fresh water possible, with the least amount of energy. Schenker’s innovation is in their Energy Recovery System which removes the need for high-pressure pumps, and amplifies the pressure supplied by typical low pressure pumping systems which provide for extremely high energy efficiency.

Schenker water makers consume at least less than 80% energy than conventional systems, and they don’t require the engine to run when making fresh water.

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The Schenker water maker’s main feature is based on a functioning principle that removes the need for high pressure pumps and it’s technology makes it more reliable than traditional systems. High pressure pumps are the main cause of failures and maintenance problems which is the main area the Schenker has overcome.

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