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Sail boatElectromaax continues to develop and deliver bold new solutions for obtainer fresh water while boating using the least amount of energy possible.

The ideal marine water maker has to be compact, light, easy to install and produce the most fresh water possible, with the least amount of energy. We offer DC water makers which are far more efficient than engine driven models, and we offer AC driven systems which are perfect for running a generator regularly.

We offer Schenker Water makers and are selling off our stock of AC Aquamaax Water makers – call for pricing today!

If you’re ready to buy: Get started by viewing the independent features of the Aquamaax and Schenker water makers and discover how easy it is to produce fresh water away from the doc, while using up to 80% less energy in the process:

The boating community requires a small, lightweight and energy efficient D.C. or A. C. water maker and they’re not looking to spend too much on the initial investment or maintenance costs. Desalination can be costly and certain systems can take up too much space which makes installing an onboard system out of reach for many cruisers.

With our current line of affordable and compact water makers which make installing a desalination system on your boat is much more attainable and easier than ever before.

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