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Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Nano Cell Technology

Electromaax marine engine batteries use advanced lithium iron phosphate nano cell technology, and are built with the highest construction standards in the industry.

Electromaax lithium batteries require zero maintenance, last longer than lead acid batteries, and provide a longer, more useable charge, down to 90% depletion.  Connect via our COM Module PLUS, available with our E-MAAX PRO or PLUS Smart regulators, and monitor the remaining charge with our built in State of Charge (SoC) gauge to launch your backup generator before your battery shuts down.

The LiFePO4 MAAX batteries feature a built in Battery Management System (BMS) and an industry first Alternator Management/ Protection System (AMS).  The BMS monitors the battery’s operating parameters while intelligently turning itself off in the event of user error. Once the error is corrected the battery becomes active again.

Our unique AMS protection is built into our BMS and our GenMaax alternators and works only when using one of our E-MAAX PRO or E-MAAX PLUS Smart regulators.

Key Benefits of Electromaax Lithium ION Marine Batteries

  • fast recharge rate
  • continuous self monitoring
  • failsafe error capturing
  • easy installation – install anywhere
  • protection from overcharging or discharging too low
  • built in AMS protects your GenMaax alternator (when using the E-MAAX PRO or PLUS)
  • extended life-cycle
  • light-weight (70% lighter) vs lead batteries
  • maintenance free
  • excellent thermal stability
  • USI data monitoring
  • state of charge (SoC) gauge
  • non-corrosive
  • contains no poisonous lead
  • environmentally friendly

Safety Benefits in BMS

  • internal cell balancing
  • auto restart function
  • no presence of toxic substances
  • internal over charge protection
  • internal low voltage protection
  • internal short circuit protection

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