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Firefly Oasis Battery – Carbon foam AGM batteryElectromaax is an official regional dealer of Firefly’s award-winning and patented Carbon Foam AGM batteries. These carbon foam AGM batteries remove most of the limitations of current lead-acid batteries and much of the lead in the traditional batteries can be replaced with a new type of grid material called carbon foam.

These Firefly AGM batteries resist sulfation and corrosion and substantially increase the surface area of the battery plates.

View the Firefly Technical Specifications (PDF)

Firefly Oasis Highlights

Below are some of the main highlights of the Firefly Oasis – Group 31 – Carbon Foam AGM battery.

  • Unparalleled Resistance to Sulfation – Sulfation kills AGM batteries but the Firefly Oasis can operate or be stored at a partial state of charge for lengthy periods of time without loss in capacity.
  • Depths of  Discharge – the depth of discharge is from 80%-100% of rated capacity without any loss of performance.
  • Superior Life Cycle – the Firefly Oasis is capable of 3 times the number of deep discharge cycles than conventional lead acid batteries.
  • Extreme Cold and Heat Performance – the Firefly Oasis’s performance range is between -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F).
  • Quick Bulk Charging – topping up the battery is very seldom required.
  • Greater Usable Capacity – easily replace and existing battery bank with a smaller Firefly Oasis bank through its deep discharge capability.

The Firefly Oasis utilizes a microcellular carbon foam grid which is imbedded directly onto the internal negative plates which helps prevent large sulfate crystals from forming. This sulfate dissolves back into the electrolyte after a full charge. For a full capacity recovery, equalization is not required and you only need to do a full recharge as needed to open up the full capacity once again. Also, there will be no permanent damage or capacity loss after extended PSOC operation, or from a deep discharge to a low SOC.

Firefly vs Brand X Charge Characteristics

The graph below shows the difference in performance between Firefly and a conventional marine AGM battery.

Compare Firefly vs brand X charging

Firefly AGM batteryOther Outstanding Features

  • Sealed and requires no maintenance
  • More than 3 – 4 times cycle life compared to typical VRLA batteries
  • Lower cost per kWh delivered compared to premium VRLA batteries
  • Unmatched ability to recover from extended storage in a discharged state
  • Throughput efficiency greater than 90%
  • Improved high/low temperature performance
  • Superior protection against corrosion and sulfation or sulfation related issues
  • Available with Battery Energy Management System (BEMS)
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Compatible with existing lead acid battery recycling infrastructure
  • Outstanding long life even under partial state of charge operation

The Oasis high C/10 capacity causes it is classified in the same category as batteries that are twice it’s size. The Oasis doubles the number of cycles of the best competitor in this group of BCI Group 31 batteries.

Firefly batteries can operate in a partial state of charge for very long periods of time without any degrade, however, the usable capacity will decrease with each cycle, when operating in this way. To regain the full original capacity, the manufacturer suggests it is necessary to perform a restoration equalization charge once or twice a week.  We have a simple solution in our Emaax Pro regulator that enables you to do this from your laptop.

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