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Our B-Maax marine batteries are super light-weight, dual-purpose, compact, and the most technically advanced on the market. Our dual purpose start and deep cycle batteries are engineered to resolve some of the most critically important energy control issues for engine-powered boats and sail cruisers.

Main Features of the B-Maax BMS Lipo Marine Battery

Introducing the first smart battery that is able to communicate with an equally smart marine alternator. Older Lipo battery management systems (BMS) are primarily designed to only protect the battery which is a significant draw back when it happens to goes off line. What happens to the energy coming out of the alternator?

Our Gen-Maax alternators are designed intelligently. They communicate directly via their AMS (alternator management system) image to ensure perfect D.C. charging at all times.

What Happens If The Charge Suddenly Stops

If the B-Maax Charge Pro goes off line, the Gen-Maax ceases to charge at the exact same time until the battery comes back on line (click here for details).

The batteries can be set up in series or parallel (up to eight batteries) making a total of 880 amps. Each battery has a separate voltmeter on its lid to display its current state of charge.

Additional Features

The following is the full feature list of the B-Maax BMS Lipo Marine Battery

  1. Requires minimal maintenance
  2. Long life 4000 – 5000 cycles
  3. Lasts approximately 10 to 15 times longer than traditional batteries e.g. lead acid
  4. Very light weight
  5. Small (group 27 size)
  6. Plug and play
  7. Separate voltmeter to view current charge state
  8. Double the storage in less than half the space
  9. Limited Life Time Warranty (see details)

The B-Maax dual purpose batteries are used in sail, power, commercial, and even R.V. and cottage enthusiast will find them equally as rewarding.

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