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When you’re out cruising, you need a marine battery that will meet all your off-grid and back-up power needs.

We work with leading manufacturers to supply our customers with advanced battery technology that eliminates user related issues, reduces maintenance costs, and exceeds performance gains while meeting the demand for reliable power.

Discover the key benefits of the Electromaax marine battery product line and why our batteries perform better than most of the competition.

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Advanced Technology Marine Batteries

Advanced Technology Marine Batteries

Electromaax lithium batteries require zero maintenance, last longer than lead acid batteries, and provide a longer, more useable charge, down to 90% depletion.

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Firefly Oasis G21 marine battery

Firefly Oasis Carbon Foam Battery - G31

  • Unparalleled Resistance to Sulfation
  • Depths of Discharge to 80%-100%
  • Superior Life Cycle
  • Strong Performance in Extreme Cold and Heat
  • Fast Bulk Charging
  • Greater Usable Capacity

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