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Electromaax designs and builds the most technologically advanced high output marine alternators that meet or exceed U.S.C.G. Title 33ISO, SAE and CE Standards. We use the highest quality components in all of our products.

High Output Marine AlternatorsWe manufacture a range of superior high output marine alternators that increase your cruising range, saves fuel, and reduces your engine run time.

We produce our alternators with top of the line bearings, diodes, and hand-wound stators, and our focus is on optimizing the performance and durability of our marine products.

Before you buy: Read below to learn more about the technology, specs and installation information of our line of marine alternators and discover the benefits of equipping your engine with a high performance alternator that’s reliable and easy to install.

If you’re ready to buy: View the independent features of each of our models below:

High-Performance Low-Energy Solutions

In the video below, watch us bench testing the GenMaax 215 Super High Output Marine Alternator

We Meet and Exceed The Needs of the Consumer

Electromaax has designed two lines of high output marine alternators that meet the needs of all types of cruisers. Our alternators enhance your on-the-water experience with proven and reliable performance.

We have developed two separate marine alternator lines – the Cruiser Marine Alternator for small to medium size vessels with modest sized battery banks, and the GenMaax which is a super-high-output marine alternator which is specifically developed to meet the technical and performance demands of the new generation A.G.M, Lithium and Gel Batteries.

The Cruiser generates three to four times more times the energy than the alternator it replaces, and is specifically designed for engines from 10hp -110hp. The GenMaax comes in 215amp and 250amp 12V, plus 165amp in 24V.

We recommend that our alternators be controlled with our E-MAAX smart, external regulator to optimize the efficiency of the charging system and enhance it’s performance which will protect your batteries from over or incorrect charging.

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