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Designed to provide an “at a glance” live status report, allowing the user to monitor up to 15 different performance parameters and multiple alarm conditions while being displayed from a standard PC laptop or tablet.

As a diagnostic tool the USI provides a “real-time” analysis of all key component (Regulator / Alternator / Battery / Load) performances for the owner to review, providing confidence in the vessel’s essential charging system.

Below is a graphical user interface showing the status of the vessel’s charging system on a single engine with one alternator:

E-MAAX Marine Regulator USI

World-Wide remote technical support is available, E-MAAX technicians, through a WiFi connection, review the vessel’s system; the integrated “Chat” program allows the Owner to “walk with factory tech” to identify and resolve issues. Remote programming and updates can also be accomplished with E-MAAX Remote.

View the specific USI manuals for the CSR and PRO models:

The “Regulator Settings” window allows the owner access to tune his charge system or adjust as major components are changed.

  • No cost – USI is provided free with all E-MAAX regulators (Com Module required).
  • Real-time display
  • Centralized parameter display (all your information on the same screen)
  • Diagnostics Tool
  • Upgradeable
  • Easy access to “Regulator Settings” adjustment.
  • Remote Support – E-MAAX Remote (WiFi)

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