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Electromaax delivers a fast high capacity processing solution for marine DC charging control. The E-MAAX PLUS series of smart, multi-stage engine voltage regulation systems offers the ability to utilize more data input from more sources than any other regulator on the market.

The E-MAAX Pro Plus Smart RegulatorUnlike other marine voltage regulators that require the user to crawl into the engine compartment to program and monitor, the E-MAAX system is modular which means the controller can live in the engine compartment or other out-of-the-way location.

All of the user-dependent features of the charge control system are accessible at the E-MAAX’s convenient digital remote panel.

Hassle free programming

The E-MAAX remote provides the access you need to ensure optimal charge control using the simple five-button control. Simply choose the preset battery program that matches batteries your vessel is running on.

Select between programs for standard flooded, deep-cycle flooded lead acid, gel, AGM, spiral-wound AGM or TPPL batteries.

User selectable battery programs automatically set target charging voltages, time-at-stage, field threshold, temperature compensation values and other battery-specific definitions that help ensure optimal charging.

Included in box

  • 1 x CPU
  • 1 x Remote Display
  • 1 x Power Lead
  • 1 x Battery Temp Sensor with lead
  • 1 x Alternator Temp Sensor with lead
  • 1 x Complete Installation Instructions

Advanced chained sensors

One of the advanced features of our smart control system is in it’s ability to see what’s going on throughout your system. The innovative E-MAAX system utilizes of series of sensors that can be chained around your electrical system to determine alternator temperature, battery temperature, and engine compartment temperatures. This allows you to monitor the health of the system by simply visiting the remote panel.

With sensors in place, the E-MAAX can increase or decrease charging output that will match the conditions of the system or batteries, or shut things down in the event of a thermal issue. Additional sensors are also being developed for other uses; such as activating auto-start relays, integrating solar and wind chargers and a wide range of other complementary functions.

Bright and intelligent display

With up to 32 digits available to provide operational data and programming information, the E-MAAX jumps light years ahead of current voltage regulation technology.

Messages are clear and in a meaningful language. The LCD display can auto-adjust for optimal viewing performance in all lighting conditions, or you can choose one of eight brightness settings to meet your preference.

Five well-marked buttons provide simple, intuitive navigation through the E-MAAX’s working and programming modes, and you can move back and forth to find the exact information you’re looking for.

Simple to install

The modular E-MAAX system provides the unique ability to install both the remote panel and the charge controller module in locations where they are well protected from both heat and moisture. System components are supplied with tinned multi-conductor cables for added convenience.

All circuitry in the remote panel, charge controller module and individual sensor bugs are bathed in a protective epoxy coating to ensure optimal protection.

Advanced system controls at your fingertips

All applications are different, and the E-MAAX offers a wealth of advanced programming functions that allow the user to tailor charging to meet every special need.

The E-MAAX offers the ability to be programmed for 12 or 24 volt systems, or to be used with positive or negative type field excitation.

In addition, all of the preset battery programs can be fully modified to meet unique charging conditions.

Full-featured Charging For the Cruiser alternator

The E-MAAX remote with a 10 amp maximum field output CPU/control module is perfectly suited to the Electromaax’s Cruiser Series of marine alternators and other alternators featuring traditional “S” wound stators.

Programming selections include N or P-type excitation for positive or negative field alternators, 12 or 24-volt regulation, belt-saving Alternator Output Control, and preset programs for most popular marine battery technologies.

Advanced programming functions include adjustable start delay and soft ramp times, voltage adjustment in Absorption, Acceptance and Float stages, field threshold control and and an adjustable timer for all charging stages.

The addition of optional alternator and battery, temperature sensor bugs enables the E-MAAX to automatically compensate for changes in battery temperature by increasing or decreasing charging voltage, as well as an immediate response to battery over-temperature conditions.

With an alternator temperature sensor installed, the E-MAAX can ensure safe alternator operating temperatures by automatically altering field output to reduce heat, as well as providing advisory information at the remote panel if an over-temperature condition occurs.

Match alternator output to your needs

Too much of a good thing can be a challenge, too. That’s why the E-MAAX provides two ways to match charging output to the limitations of engine, belts and batteries.

Within the programming mode of the E-MAAX, the Field Limiter function allows the user to de-rate the regulator in precise, 5 percent increments to lessen belt wear and load on the engine.

If you’re looking to upgrade your battery banks or add serpentine pulleys later on, this feature allows you to add a higher output alternator now without overwhelming your current electrical system.

In addition to the Field Limiter, the E-MAAX features an easily accessed Half Output mode that you can turned on or off at the panel. Turning the Half Output mode on, you can limit field excitation by half with the push of a button, reducing horsepower load at the alternator and sending more power to the prop.

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E-MAAX PRO Charge Controller
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 2 reviews
by Patrick on E-MAAX PRO Charge Controller
Thank You Electromaax Team

I purchased an Electromaax 165 Amp alternator, the EMaax Pro charge controller with remote display, and a serpentine belt kit based on my research, and had discussions with John Stevens at Electromaax. The ability to view and modify the charge parameters at the remote display is a great feature, and something that other external charge controllers do not offer. I highly recommend the Electromaax system to anyone wanting a charge controller, and with there Alternator and Pulley Kit its a match made in heaven.

by Lance Knox on E-MAAX PRO Charge Controller
The Electromaax Team Was Very Helpful

We really needed to find a way to increase the charging amperage of the boat. After a few months of research on the internet during the off season, we decided on the Electromaax 215 amp Genmax alternators in combination with the Emaax charge regulator and the serpentine pulley conversion kits. This past season we have had absolutely no trouble keeping the batteries topped up. In fact usually within 2 or 3 hours the regulators have switched into float mode even after a few days of anchoring in a bay. System has been trouble free so far and would not hesitate to recommend Electromaax to anyone

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