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Electromaax delivers a bold new solution for marine DC charging control for boats with its E-MAAX series of smart multi-stage voltage regulation systems.

Eliminate dependencies on all other energy-generating systems

Basic Emaax marine engine external smart charge controllerDo you want a 100 amp alternator/generator under way, a 200+ amp alternator/generator on the hook and in certain circumstances to turn the alternator/generator off entirely? With the E-MAAX Smart external regulator, now you can.

Unlike most marine voltage regulators the E-MAAX is a modular system which allows the controller to live in the engine compartment or in another out-of-the-way location. All this while the user-dependent features of the charge control system are accessible at the E-MAAX’s convenient digital remote panel.

If you’re ready to buy: Get started by viewing the independent features of the E-MAAX Basic, Advanced and Advanced Pro smart regulators below:

Before you buy: If you would like more information first, simply read our E-MAAX Smart Regulator FAQ to discover how our smart, exterior regulator protects your batteries from incorrect voltage, and substantially extends their lifespan.

View our owner’s manual for the E-MAAX DC Charge Controller for use with our GenMaax marine alternators.

E-MAAX models for every application

Some folks may only need the basics of smart regulation, while others may want all of the features that a premium battery monitor and DC charge control suite can offer. That’s why Electromaax offers the E-MAAX in a variety of packages.

Maximum performance for new-technology alternators and batteries

Designed to provide the maximum in user control and intelligent regulation, the E-MAAX charge controller delivers field current that’s required to support newer technology alternators like Electromaax’s high-output hairpin and brushless hairpin marine alternators.

Precise user programmability enables the installer to program the E-MAAX to the specific charging requirements of a large variety of LiO battery types. The addition of the E-MAAX pulse sensor lets the regulator turn off the alternator without losing the tachometer at the panel — the perfect solution to the problem of tach loss with Lithium Ion batteries.


If you decide to buy the basic E-MAAX model, and later would like the benefits of the programming, specific modes and outputs, you can easily upgrade without having to purchase the whole system again.

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