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Electromaax delivers a bold new solution for marine DC charging control for boats with its E-MAAX series of smart multi-stage voltage regulation systems. The E-MAAX is manufactured to address the historical problems associated with optimizing alternator charging capacity under typical marine applications.

The E-MAAX is a software-based product, not hard wired. All future upgrades can be simply downloaded to your unit, and as a result your E-MAAX will never become obsolete. You and our technicians are always able to monitor and change the systems parameters on-board or from a remote location.

It performs under a highly variable charge-to-load state while operating under a limited time duration (e.g. sail boat). It responds to large load variations, coordinates multiple charge inputs such as solar or wind, as well as provides the specific charging profiles required for the various battery technologies which is critical to system performance.

Comparison Chart Between E-MAAX Regulator and Other Similar Smart Regulators

Smart Regulartor Comparison Chart

Choose The E-MAAX Smart Regulator Model That Works Best For You

E-Maax CSR External Smart Regulator

E-MAAX CSR Smart Regulator

  • Low-cost
  • Simple installation
  • Voltage based charge control
  • 3 location Temperature protection (Reg./Alternator / Battery)*
  • Graphical system PC display – 10 parameters*
  • PC User interface for status reporting and diagnostics*
  • Fail-safe fault handling
  • Remote technical support with real-time diagnostics*
  • Remote programming*

*Additional optional sensors required
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E-Maax Pro External Smart Regulator

E-MAAX PRO Smart Regulator

  • Includes all features of the CSR, no additional sensors required
  • Current sensing ( Alternator / Load / Charge Delta)
  • State of Charge (SOC) and tachometer reporting
  • Current based charge control
  • Comprehensive PC display – 15 parameters
  • Software Upgradeable

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E-Maax Plus External Smart Regulator

E-MAAX PLUS Smart Regulator

  • Includes all features of the PRO
  • Ability of control 2 alternators on the same engine (1 battery bank)
  • 2 Engine control using two PLUS units, which communicate, without “Center Fielder”
  • A.M.S. (Alternator Management System) High & Over-voltage Protection
  • Software Upgradeable

More Information E-MAAX PLUS Regulator

E-MAAX Smart Regulator User System Interface (USI)

E-MAAX Smart Regulator User System Interface (USI)

  • No cost – USI is provided free with all E-MAAX regulators (Com Module required).
  • Real-time display
  • Centralized parameter display (all your information on the same screen)
  • Diagnostics Tool
  • Upgradeable
  • Easy access to “Regulator Settings” adjustment.
  • Remote Support - E-MAAX Remote (Internet connection required)

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E-MAAX Sensors and Peripherals

E-MAAX Sensors & Peripherals

A regulator requires sensing devices to optimize the charge profile. Electromaax offers a range of sensors to meet this requirement;

  • Temperature
  • Current (Amperage)
  • Voltage
  • Communication

Read more about E-MAAX Sensors and Peripherals here

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