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Yanmar engine belt tensionerOur Yanmar belt tensioner further enhances the performance of our SM line of marine alternators. This tensioning device is manufactured at our plant and is specifically for developed for us on Yanmar marine engines.

Our Yanmar belt tensioner easily allows you to tension your engine belt without the need of a screw driver or other tool. Simply use our belt tensioning tool to achieve the perfect level of tension needed.

Key Benefits

The following are the key benefits of our Yanmar belt tensioner on your marine engine:

  1. it substantially reduces slippage
  2. it holds the alternator firm in place
  3. it eliminates belt dust
  4. it greatly increased engine belt life
  5. no additional brackets are needed
  6. universal fit on most Yanmar marine engines
  7. fits under plastic belt cover
  8. your engine runs much quieter
  9. it adds flexibility along belt’s length
  10. increased lateral stability
  11. belt runs cooler and quieter
  12. substantially less bending stress
  13. precision V-forming process assures exact size and angle control
  14. high tenacity tensile cords
  15. special layer of reinforcement
  16. maintenance-free performance

* Readers note: in order for you to achieve the above key benefits of the Yanmar belt tensioner, your belt needs to be installed and tensioned properly, according to instructions provided you.

SKU: ST-101-AB

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Yanmar Belt Tensioner
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