Cruiser 100-160 Amp 12v Saddle Mount Marine Alternators


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Benefits of the Cruiser 100-160 Amp 12v Saddle Mount Marine Alternators

Cruiser 100-160 Amp Saddle Mount Marine Alternators(Yanmar 3.15″ Mounting Style)

Our 100-160 amp Cruiser-Series marine alternator have excellent high-output charging performance. Perfect for weekend, or a week-long cruise, the Cruiser will deliver high amps at a idle, and even more amps at cruise RPM. The 100 amp alternator can be driven by a minimum 1/2” single V-belt (we recommend using a cogged V-belt like Dayco’s “Top Cog” for better power transfer).

The 100 amp along with all other amperage’s can be driven with our comprehensive line of Serpentine belt upgrade kits.

We recommend our multi-stage EMaax voltage regulator to control these alternators, with the internal regulator kept disconnected as a back-up. For safer, faster and more complete charging, For use on Yanmar or any engines with a 3.15” saddle-style alternator mount.