E-Maax External Smart Regulator

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Reduce or eliminate dependency on all energy-generating devices (wind, solar, gen set) with this product and a GenMaax Alternator/Generator

Do you want a 100 amp alternator/generator under way, a 200+ amp alternator/generator on the hook and in certain circumstances to turn the alternator/generator off entirely? With the E-Maax Smart, External Regualtor, now you can.

Electromaax has the ultimate solution for rapidly-charging, new-generation, technologically-advanced batteries (A.G.M., Lithium, Gel) while maintaining their factory condition. At the press of a button you to control your alternators output.

This new, crucially-important feature enables the alternator/generator to perform at different output levels to match available engine horsepower.

For instance, on the hook far more horsepower is available to make energy because the propeller is not engaged. All GenMaax alternator/generators provide sufficient load at idle to allow you to perform this task, where old technology, standard OEM alternators do not create enough load and previously, marine engine manufacturers advised that you never charge your batteries on the hook.

To find out more of the many other enhanced features unique to the Electromaax Emaax range of Exterior, Smart Regulators contact the distributor in your area.

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