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This article appeared in the January 2013 issue #42 of Power News the Magazine of Power Equipment out of Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific.

Power Equipment has been appointed the official distributor of Electromaax marine alternators and wind generator products for the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific markets.

Electromaax produces a comprehensive range of high output marine alternators and superior quality wind generators.

Both Electromaax product lines are particularly relevant to power and sail boats where the owners spend significant time away from the convenience of dockside facilities.

The key appeal of the Electromaax range of marine alternators is their ability to generate 70% of their output at idle, typically around 500 to 600 rpm.

With an output of up to 180 amps if required, the Electromaax alternators have a high output capable of running electronics, AC appliances, marine watermakers and refrigeration.

The Electromaax range of alternators deliver high electrical output at low engines speeds

said Ian Mills, National Marine Products Manager at Power Equipment.

These alternators have been designed to triple the energy output at the least possible engine RPM when compared to a stock alternator. This means that with Electromaax, boaters will use 2/3 less diesel to produce the same amount of energy.

The Electromaax range of alternators can be retro fitted to a wide range of marine diesel engines popular with cruising yachtsmen, to provide optimum charge solutions to yachts.

The majority of engines can be easily retro fitted with the Electromaax conversion kit, it is plug and play at its best.
also popular is the serpentine belt conversion kit from Electromaax.

This replaces the conventional, narrow V belt which concentrates tension in one small area of the pulley. The wide 10-rib Electromaax serpentine belt spreads the load over three times the area to increase performance, reduce vibration and deliver quieter running.

The range of Electromaax alternators commences at 80 amps and rounds out at 180 amps. The Electromaax wind generator solves the two key issues which confront cruising yachtsmen, power output and low noise.

Cruising yachts and offshore racing yachts are becoming ever more hungry for on-board power generation, to drive an ever-increasing range of electrical equipment.

The Airmaax 12 and 24 volt wind generators are specifically designed for the marine market. The designers purposely focused their engineering brief at developing constant energy in winds of between 8 and 20 knots. Often in days of constant wind at an average of 15 knots you can achieve 200 plus amps output.

Six self furling blades proved to be the most efficient design. The high-efficiency carbon reinforced ad U.V. protected blades help minimize noise while also delivering optimum energy output at lower wind speeds.

The AirMaax is engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment and can operate in high wind speeds in excess of 45 knots.

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