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We received this message from an Electromaax customer that recently installed one of our alternators on his boat.

Dear Electromaxx:

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing support and exceptional product, and service, that you provided in developing an upgraded high-power, alternator system for my vintage Bristol 40 Yawl, Chesapeake.

Although I had already completed a comprehensive restoration of every system on the boat, the power system was hopelessly underrated for the many new electronic systems, and utilities, that I had installed, and given that I had chosen to retain and rebuild the Westerbeke 4-107 diesel engine, there were precious few alternatives to address this concern.

Fortunately, I spoke with John Stevens of your Company, and he quickly came up with an optimal system to meet these requirements and fabricated a custom installation kit with special pulleys and a serpentine belt to drive it.  He also test ran the system before he shipped it to me, so the installation was flawless and worked perfectly right out of the box!

I could not be more pleased with the system.  It more than meets my power needs and keeps my high capacity AGN ships batteries fully charged, with much less engine runtime.

This kind of exceptional service is extremely rare these days, in any field, much less in the recreational boating market, so I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding support in assisting me with this final upgrade project in my precious little yawl, Chesapeake.


Lewis Peach

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