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Published Friday, February 28th, 2014 | 1,071 Reads

Choice of Aquamaax Water MakerI have recently been looking for a water maker, I knew roughly what I wanted. Simple, not too much to go wrong, i.e. no electronics, 240V to ensure there is enough power to drive it. I’ve been fed up with 12V ones that rely on a minimum power drop from the batteries to the lift pump.

My search through the water maker market

Looking in the market there were a number of suppliers, mostly well established, but also all very expensive for what is essentially a simple bit of kit i.e. a number of filters, lift pump, 240V high pressure pump and a membrane.

I eventually found a few suppliers on the internet, mostly based in the USA, with attendant supply and communication issues, but I did find one company in the UK which is the UK branch of a US company – Electromaax Ltd.

After some email correspondence and then some phone conversations I was convinced that these guys knew their stuff and I felt comfortable enough to order the Aquamaax.

My goal was to find a simple but powerful unit

As stated above I wanted the simplest unit, but powerful enough to produce a decent supply of water in minimal time. Space as always on any boat is an issue but I had a pretty good idea where to fit it. My first question was would all the pipework and so forth fit in the space I had allocated? I a fully trained engineer and thus pretty handy with this type of installation, but until you start space always a concern.

I did measure a few times to ensure my estimates were correct.

Help from the team with my Aquamaax water maker

After talking with Peter and Chris I was convinced I was on the right track, especially with their offer to assist me if I needed it. When Chris delivered the kit to the site I was delighted it all fitted in my Mondeo Estate, easily!

The instruction book was very comprehensive and helped tremendously. Fortunately timing was good, I had the boat out for general maintenance so fitting the only thru-hull fitting was simple using a quarter turn Forespar unit.

With the boat back in the water I started the process of fitting the main HP pump, membrane and filter packs. Biggest issue was fitting them into the space allocated – the membranes were the old very long type, but with some astute juggling of the items it all fitted with plenty of space around the HP pump for cooling.

Testing time

After checking all the connections etc I was ready to check the function of the unit. I turned it on and it worked! Result! I then checked the volume throughput versus the energy use, and initially the energy use was high, but I figured this was since everything was new and thus quite tight. After a couple of trials it dropped towards the predicted levels.

I have now had the unit installed for a number of months and it is performing exactly to specification. Peter and Chris visited a few weeks ago while seeing another customer and were pleasantly surprised at the installation.

All in all it has been a very good experience buying from Electromaax.

John Dyer – Exocet Yacht Charters LLP

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