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The boating community requires a small, lightweight and energy efficient D.C. or A. C. watermaker and they’re not looking to spend too much on the initial investment or maintenance costs. Desalination can be costly and certain systems can take up too much space which makes installing an onboard system out of reach for many cruisers.

Example Schenker watermakerWith our current line of affordable and compact watermakers by Schenker, installing a desalination system on your boat is much more attainable and easier than ever before.

Key Benefits

There are some key benefits of Schenker watermaker that makes them the most attractive to cruisers compared to other systems:

  • no need for a generator
  • can connect to a battery source
  • 80% reduction in energy use
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • automatic pressure regulation
  • vibration free
  • corrosion free
  • lowest friction coefficient
  • extremely high resistance to friction

Schenker’s innovation is in their Energy Recovery System which removes the need for high-pressure pumps, and amplifies the pressure supplied by typical low pressure pumping systems which provide for extremely high energy efficiency. They consume at least less than 80% energy than conventional systems, and they don’t require the engine to run when making fresh water.

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