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Read About the Electromaax Cruiser Line of Marine Alternators

All Electromaax Cruiser, High Output Marine Alternators are 99% plug and play when combined with our Emaax exterior smart regulator, which minimizes rewiring and ensures you’re now charging at the most efficient level possible.

The cruiser compliments solar and wind power enough on small vessels and eliminates the need for back up gas gensets. The Cruiser range comes in five mounts, saddle 3.25″ (yanmar) 2.3/8″ 1″ and 2″ foot, plus the popular pad mount.

The smallest creates 54AMPS at idle (80AMP) and tops out at 80AMP. There are also 100,120,140 and 160 AMP versions.

We also suggest you convert your engine to multi groove (serpentine) which will allow amperages in excess of 100 AMP, eliminate belt dust, and quite down your engine.

The cruiser line is designed for the recreational cruiser; it is a small case – 100 to 160 Amp which is an ideal option for replacing your original manufactured alternator.

Watch the video below to see show the Cruiser Alternator being tested:

Dollar for dollar, upgrading your sailboat or yacht’s alternator will be the best energy enhancing project you can undertake on your vessel. Our high-output, marine alternators ensure more electricity is available when you’re away from the dock, which gives you more power for electronics, lighting, windlass, AC appliances, marine watermakers and refrigeration.

Which Electromaax High-Output, Cruiser Alternator Is Right For You?

The engine you have in the boat will determine the mounting style (foot-mount/saddle-mount).

The horse-power of your engine will determine the specific alternator output (amperage) required.

Combining your new alternator with an EMaax Pro, which by changing the field determines the alternators output means on a 20 HP you could install our Cruiser 140 amp and dial it in at 80 amp when the propeller is engaged and at 140 amp when on the hook or when under sail.

The Cruiser 140 generates 78 amps (1000 watts) at 888 (engine) R.P.M., 105 amps (1470 watts) at 1330 R.P.M., and 2000 watts flat out. This means the alternator provides dual service. It is both an alternator and a back up generator – crucial on small boats with limited space.

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